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Media policy at voting places

It is recognized the media may have an interest in showing footage of candidates voting on election day and, in general, coverage of the voting process. Elections Manitoba offers media access to voting places, with the following general guidelines:

To plan a visit to a voting place, media should contact the Manager of Communications and Public Information.

Upon arrival at the voting place, members of the media should make their presence known to the Senior Voting Officer who should be located at a table close to the entrance of the room in which the voting is taking place.

Any voters in the voting place must be asked if they object to cameras being used.

Cameras are not allowed to show a voter marking their ballot, as this would compromise the secrecy of the ballot.


Alison Mitchell

Manager of Communications and Public Information

Phone: 204-945-7379 Toll-free: 1-866-628-6837

Email: amitchell@elections.mb.ca

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