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Democracy is stronger when everyone’s voice is heard

Elections Manitoba is committed to helping children and youth learn about elections and encouraging them to become citizens interested in making a difference in our community.

Part of being an active, engaged citizen is taking part in the electoral process.

Many who don’t live in democratic nations are willing to risk their lives in the struggle to get the right to vote and choose their leaders. Remarkably, although we have that right in Canada, the rate of voter participation has fallen over the years. This is true in both federal and provincial elections. In the 1990 Manitoba election, 69% of those eligible voted compared with 55% in the last provincial election (2019).

How do we turn things around?

There are many reasons why people don’t vote. But research shows that children who grow up with voting role models and in households that are involved in community issues and elections, are more likely to vote when they become adults.

Talk to your children about voting

More than anyone else in their lives, parents have the greatest influence on their children. When you talk about the electoral process with your children and bring them with you when you vote, you’re teaching them that voting is important. You’re teaching your children to be contributing citizens.

About Elections Manitoba

Elections Manitoba is the independent office of the Legislative Assembly that is responsible for running provincial elections in Manitoba. Elections Manitoba is neutral and non-partisan. The job of Elections Manitoba is to conduct free and fair elections and to make participation easy and accessible for Manitoba voters.

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