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Raising Future Voters

Ideas for raising kids to be engaged citizens:

Talk about it - Let your kids know why you think it’s important to vote. Even very young kids can understand the idea of selecting a leader. Engage older children in a discussion about political issues that are important to you or that come up in the news. Encourage your kids to express their own opinions and ideas.

Vote at home - Introduce the concept of voting by holding simple votes on household issues. It could be as simple as voting on what to prepare for a special meal. You can even use the Run Your Own Vote activity to make it “official”.

Bring your child with you when you vote - Children are welcome at voting stations. Show your kids what voting looks like.

Visit our GAMES area - For games and activities related to citizenship and voting.

Take older kids to a live debate or watch one on TV - Discuss the points the candidates make and ask your kids for their views.

Books - Check your local library or bookstore for these books for young people.

Picture Books
From Far and Wide: A Canadian Citizenship Scrapbook
Author: Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet
ISBN 0887764436

The Peace Book
Author: Todd Parr
ISBN 0316835315

Ruby's Hope
Author: Hannah Taylor
ISBN 9780978469610

Juvenile Non-fiction
Take Action!: A Guide to Active Citizenship
Author: Marc Kielburger
ISBN 0771580312

Individual Power
Editor: Heather C. Hudak
ISBN 9781553884705 (bound) 9781553884712 (paperback)

What is Citizenship?
Editor: Heather Kissock
ISBN 9781553884644 (bound) 9781553884651 (paperback)

Canada Votes: How We Elect our Government
Author: Linda Granfield
ISBN 9781554530915

Canada’s System of Government
Editor: Don Wells
ISBN 1553880714

Juvenile Biographies
Hannah Taylor: Helping the Homeless
Author: Q.L. Pearce
ISBN 9780737740516
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