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Candidate Election Returns
The Pas By-Election 2015

According to Manitoba's Election Financing Act, the official agent of every candidate must file an audited financial return with the Chief Electoral Officer four months after election day. The return reports on the finances of a candidate's campaign in the candidate's candidacy period. For detailed information about what must be included in the return, see section 63 of The Election Financing Act (EFA).

The candidacy period begins for most candidates on the day they are nominated by their respective constituency associations. For other candidates it begins when they file nomination papers or when they make a self-declaration of candidacy. The candidacy period ends for all candidates on June 22, 2015. The filing deadline for the 2015 The Pas by-election is August 21, 2015; however, in some circumstances it is possible to have the deadline extended.

Candidates who filed nomination papers and applied to issue income tax receipts are registered under the EFA.

Candidates who received 10% of the valid votes in their electoral division are eligible for reimbursement under the EFA. The amount of reimbursement for each eligible candidate is indicated below.

Lathlin, Amanda
New Democratic Party Manitoba
Filed Date: 2015/08/21
As Filed
*Eligible for Reimbursement: $13,701.38
Nasekapow, Jacob
PC Manitoba
Extension Date: 2015/09/21
Filed Date: 2015/09/21
As Filed
*Eligible for Reimbursement: $15,939.34
Vystrcil-Spence, Inez
Filed Date: 2015/08/21
As Filed
*Eligible for Reimbursement: $1,470.64
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