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Results of 40th General Election, 2011

Summary of results

New Democratic Party of Manitoba (NDP): 37
The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba (PC): 19
Manitoba Liberal Party (Lib.): 1
Communist Party of Canada - Manitoba (CPC-M): 0
Green Party of Manitoba (GPM): 0
Independent (Ind.): 0

Voter Turnout

Votes Cast: 0
Registered Voters: 13,356
Turnout: 0.00%

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Election day was Oct 4, 2011. Judicial recounts were held for St. Norbert on Oct 24, 2011 and for Kirkfield Park on Oct 26, 2011. The results posted here are the final, official results.

Plurality is the difference between the number of votes received by the candidate in the lead and the candidate in second place. After verification by the returning officer, if plurality is 50 or greater, the candidate will be declared elected. If plurality is less than 50, a judicial recount will take place.

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