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Late Filing Penalties

There are consequences to not filing a financial return within the specified time frame.

Late Filing Penalties

If an elected candidate fails to file an election return, the Chief Electoral Officer must send a written notice of the failure to file to the Speaker of the House. Until the matter is resolved, the candidate will not be allowed to sit in the House.

If an unsuccessful candidate fails to file an election return, that person will not be eligible to run as a candidate in any provincial election up to and including the next general election.

Late Filing Fees

There is a late filing fee of $25/day when a return is not filed by the filing deadline or the extended deadline. This fee applies to:

  • annual party returns
  • candidate and party election returns
  • loan balance statements (candidates and leadership contestants)
  • outstanding liabilities returns (candidates and leadership contestants)
  • constituency association returns

If the return or information is filed by a certain date and the appropriate fee paid then there would be no prosecution. [See sections 68 + 69 + 70]

As of January 2009, The Election Financing Act [sec 71(5)] states the Chief Electoral Officer may make late filing fees public. That information is shown below, organized by year.

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