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Manitoba Voter Register

Elections Manitoba is creating a permanent voters list that will be known as the Manitoba Voter Register. The register replaces province-wide enumeration as the method of voter registration for provincial elections. Changes to The Elections Act passed in 2017 require the creation of the register.

In creating the register, Elections Manitoba will strive to include all eligible voters in the province. Eligible voters are those Manitobans who are:

  • Canadian citizens
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Residents of Manitoba for six months prior to election day

Under the legislation, the register will receive voter information from other sources, including Elections Canada, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), Manitoba Health and Vital Statistics. This will allow Elections Manitoba to keep the register up-to-date as people become eligible to vote, either by becoming Canadian citizens, turning 18, or living in the province for six months. Voters will also be able to add their own names to the register or update their own information.

The register will also link every voter to a Manitoba address. By linking voter and address information, the register will be able to assign each voter to a voting area and voting place within an electoral division.

The legislation also allows Elections Manitoba to collect personal information about Manitobans who may become eligible to vote, including 16- and 17-year-olds.

Privacy and Security of Voter Information

Elections Manitoba has put a series of safeguards in place to ensure the privacy and security of voter information. Safeguards include data encryption, limited access to the register, and secure data storage and management.

Information about eligible voters and other Manitobans collected for the register includes name, address, date of birth, gender, phone number and email address (if provided by the individual) and any identification number provided by one of the information sources.

Personal health data and records, as well as vehicle insurance data and records will NOT be collected by Elections Manitoba.

As outlined in The Elections Act, information in the register may be used only for election purposes. A voters list will be drawn from the register for each election and byelection. This list will be provided to candidates and political parties during an election. In addition, a voters list will be provided to parties every year.

Voters lists provided to candidates and parties will include only the name, address and phone number of the voter, where provided.

Voters also have the option to be removed from the voters list on request.

If you have questions about the Manitoba Voter Register, contact us.

email election@elections.mb.ca | phone 204-945-3225 | 1-866-628-6837

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