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Leadership Contestants

The Election Financing Act requires public disclosure of leadership contestants' finances. This enhances the fairness and transparency of the process political parties use to choose their leaders.

Notice of Leadership Contest

The financial officer of a registered party is required to notify the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) when a leadership contest is called, when the vote will be held and the particulars for each of the contestants. For information on upcoming leadership contests, visit the registered party website.

Auditor and Official Agent

Leadership contestants are required to appoint an auditor [s. 28(2)] and an official agent [s. 24(1)] who will manage a bank account and other financial matters for the contestant.


Leadership contest contributions are reported to Elections Manitoba. Names of donors and any contributions over $250 are posted online, but addresses can only be viewed in person at Elections Manitoba. No individual can make contributions totalling more than $3,000 in a leadership contest period to one or more leadership contestants. Contributions can only be accepted after the leadership contest period begins. Tax receipts are not issued for contributions to a leadership contestant.

Leadership Contestant's Financial Statements

Audited financial statements from leadership contestants are due within 30 days after a leadership contest period. That period begins with the contest announcement and ends two months after the date of the leadership vote.

The official agent for each leadership contestant files an audited financial statement in the contest period (Form 947 – Leadership Contestant's Financial Statements and Supporting Schedules) and an audit report with Elections Manitoba.

For detailed information about what to report see section 65(1) of The Election Financing Act.

Leadership contestant's outstanding liabilities status

Leadership contestants with outstanding liabilities at the end of a calendar year must file a return (Form 949 – Leadership Contestant's Outstanding Liabilities Status) with Elections Manitoba. This return is due within 30 days after the end of the calendar year unless an extension has been granted.

A leadership contestant's outstanding liabilities are reported to the CEO annually until they are eliminated. The loan balance is reported annually to the CEO until the balance has been reduced below $250.

View leadership contest financial returns

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