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Who can receive contributions?

The following political entities

  • a candidate
  • a constituency association
  • a registered party
  • a leadership contestant during a leadership contest, or after the contest ends towards a defecit only

Tax receipts for contributions can only be issued by a registered candidate or by a registered party.

Who can contribute?

Only individuals normally residing in Manitoba.

What is the contribution limit?

The maximum contribution by any individual is $6,000 total in a calendar year. This includes both monetary and non-monetary contributions to one or more provincial political entities. The only exception is that a separate contribution limit of $3,000 is allowed during a leadership contest period for one or more leadership contestants.

After a fixed date election, contribution limits are adjusted for inflation as per section 34(1.1) of The Election Financing Act.

How can a contribution be made?

By giving it directly to a political entity or by giving it to another individual to be forwarded to a political entity. The individual collecting the contributions must be a resident of Manitoba and must keep a complete record of each contribution including the name of the recipient.

What are the restrictions?

Cash contributions are limited to $25. Individuals must use their own resources and no contribution is to be made in expectation of reimbursement or compensation. There are penalties for making prohibited contributions and for the use of force or intimidation to compel another individual to make or not make a contribution.

The contribution rules under Manitoba's Election Financing Act apply only to Manitoba political entities.

Political Contribution Tax Credit Information (see section 4.11 of the Manitoba Income Tax Act)

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