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Fact or Fiction: Digital Media Literacy

Not everything you see shared online is true. Elections Manitoba is the trusted source of information about provincial elections.

All the information you need to vote is right here at electionsmanitoba.ca. Information like:

Video: Fact or Fiction: Register Your Pet to Vote (0:21 min)

Video: Fact or Fiction: Vote From the Moon (0:20 min)

Video: Fact or Fiction: Deliver Your Ballot by Stork (0:21 min)

How to Spot Misinformation or Disinformation

Are you unsure if what you’ve just read is true? Thinking about the following might tell you whether what you just read is valid or meant to mislead.

What’s the source?

  • Did this information come from a trusted source? If you look at a selection of articles on the site, do they offer a balanced view of current events?

Who’s the author?

  • If you search the author, do they seem credible? Are they even a real person?

What are the facts?

  • Does the article quote facts and figures? Are they presented in the proper context?

Did they really say that?

  • If a party or candidate is quoted, does the quote match their position? All parties and most candidates have their own websites where they share their platforms and positions on the issues.

Are you getting the whole story?

  • Headlines can be written to get clicks – does the content of the article match the headline?

Is it a joke?

  • Satire and comedy is often presented as news – is what you read meant to inform or to entertain?

What are the experts saying?

  • If you read about a change to voting, can the information be verified on Elections Manitoba’s website?
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