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Third Parties

A third party is a person or group, other than a political party, candidate or constituency association, that promotes or opposes a registered party or a candidate during the 90-day pre-election period or the election period.

In a general election, election communication expense limits for third parties are set at $100,000 for the pre-election period and $25,000 for the election period. For a byelection, the limit is $5,000.

“Election communication” refers to any public communication during a pre-election period or an election period that promotes or opposes a registered party or a candidate. This includes any communication that takes a position on an issue with which a registered party or candidate is associated.

A third party must register with the CEO immediately after having incurred election communication (advertising) expenses of more than $2,500 in the pre-election or election period.

To see registered third parties or review their election financial statements, please choose from the links below.

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